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How to manage incoming calls

To handle incoming calls, go to «Inbound» on the main menu of the site. The «Scenarios» tab for inbound calls will open.

Create your first scenario by clicking the «Blank Scenario» button. The scenario editor will open.

There will be a list of available blocks on the left side of the screen whereas the main part of the screen is the desktop field. In order to add blocks to your scenario, drag and drop them to the field. Click on the needed block to edit its properties.

There are special variables that refer to numbers of both parts of a conversation. When a scenario successfully reaches a customer, you can use the {CALL.phone_a} variable as a customer’s number and {CALL.phone_b} as an attached Voximplant Kit number accordingly.

Attach numbers

After creating the scenario it is necessary to bind the telephone numbers to it. These numbers are to receive calls from your customers and execute this scenario.

You can attach numbers in two ways:

  1. Inside the scenario editor. Click the «Bind Number» button. A menu appears where you can select a number. You can bind several numbers that will be used simultaneously; you can specify the same numbers that already serve your outbound calls.
  1. On the «Numbers» there will be a list of numbers that can be attached to the scenario.

Click the «Attach» button to attach the number to a scenario. Select a scenario from the list and click «Attach». One number can be attached to only one scenario.

Test your scenario

To test your scenario, call to one of the attached phone numbers.

If you need to delete an active scenario, first you have to detach the phone numbers in the scenario editor or in the «Phone Numbers» tab. After that, you can delete the scenario.