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Use this block to articulate the specified text in your scenario. Viximplant Kit supports voice-over from one of the following vendors:

  • Yandex (Russian, English (USA), Turkish)

  • Google

  • Amazon

  • Tinkoff (only Russian)

  • Microsoft

  • IBM


It is necessary to add the speak tag when working with Microsoft.

You can select neural voices in different languages. Neural voices are created based on Neural Text-to-Speech Technology (NTTS). They sound more realistic and natural than standard voices.

To configure the text-to-speech service, do the following:

  1. On the canvas, connect the block by using the Out port.
  2. Double-click the Text-to-speech block.
  3. Select the language from the Synth language field.
  4. Select a voice from the Voice field.
  1. Enter the text that should be articulated. You can use SSML-tags to add more realistic features to the voice.
  2. Click Save.