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Outbound call

Use this block to configure an outgoing call to a customer. Within a campaign, the system retrieves phone numbers from the Phone column of the uploaded .xlsx file.

To configure an outbound call, do the following:

  1. Connect the block by using the Fail, Success, and Voicemail ports.
  2. If needed, move the Change caller ID toggle to change the variable that is used as a Caller ID in your scenario.
  3. If needed, move the Use voice mail detection toggle to set up the detection of a client’s voicemail.
  4. If needed, move the Make an HTTP request after scenario completion toggle to send the required HTTP request.
  • Select a request from the Select the template drop-down list.

  • Configure or review data in the General settings section.

  • Add or review header settings in the Request headers section.

  • Add or review query parameters in the Query parameters section.

  • Enter the text message in the Request body section. If you need to configure parameters and values, click Form and enter a required parameter and value.

Outbound call
  1. Click Test to test the HTTP-request before saving it.
  2. Click Save.