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Call to queue

Use this block to transfer a call to a CC agent’s queue.

  1. Connect the block by using the Fail and Success ports.

  2. Double-click the Call to queue block.

  3. Specify the period within which an agent should answer a call in the Max ring time field. If the agent does not answer, the call moves to another agent.

  4. Select the required queue in the Queue field.

Call to queue
  1. In the Customer request info section, specify additional information about a client.
  • Click Add parameters.

  • Enter the required info in the Label field.

  • Enter a variable in the Value field.

  1. In the Waiting time settings section, configure audio that is played during waiting time.
  • Select an audio file from the Audio Library drop-down list. Click Upload to upload an audio file from your computer.

  • Move the Waiting message toggle to activate a notification about the client’s position in the queue.

  • Select the language from the Synth language drop-down list.

  • Select the preferred voice from the Voice drop-down list.

  • Enter the text of the message in the Text and Text for unknown EWT fields. You can use SSML tags.

  • Configure the time the system repeats the message in the Repeat every field.

  1. In the Callback settings section, configure threshold and callback settings.
  • Enter the threshold time in the Threshold field.

  • Enter the time the system reminds a client about the callback opportunity in the Reminder field.

  • Select the language in the Synth language field.

  • Select the preferred voice in the Voice field.

  • Enter the text of the message in the Text field. You can use SSML tags.

  • Configure response keys in the Input settings section.

  • Configure the language, preferred voice, and the text of the message in the Callback notification for an agent section.

Callback settings
  1. Click Save.