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How to connect a Viber chatbot

Viber is a simple channel offering the world's best communication experience. Create a new Viber chatbot to increase the efficiency of your business.

To create a new bot, you need to be authorized in the Viber Admin Panel.

  1. To log in to, enter the phone number to which the Viber account is attached, and click Login. After you log in, the Viber application on your smartphone displays a message with the code, which you should enter to log in to Viber Admin Panel.
Viber admin panel
  1. Click Create Bot Account on the left sidebar and fill in the form.
The bot account form

Note that the URI field should contain a free string, not your site address. For example, if your website address is my-website.com, enter mywebsitecom in the URI field. The company address should be identified by dragging the red sign across the map.

If entered data is acceptable, you will be prompted with the modal below where you will be provided with your private Access Token.

  1. Copy the token value.
Channel access token
  1. Log in to your Voximplant Kit account.
  2. Go to Settings > Channels.
  3. Select Viber.
  4. Enter the channel name.
  5. Enter the received API token in the Channel Access Token field.
  6. Enter the sender name.
  7. Configure the message redirect channel.
  8. Add skills if needed.
  9. Click Add a channel.
Add the viber channel