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Using Softphone

Softphone is a dialer that allows to make and receive calls. To start using Softphone, you need to enable this function in the Voximplant Kit account.

Workspace Softphone

You can use Softphone to call clients directly from your workspace if the call ends within a queue.

  1. Log in to your Voximplant Kit account.
  2. Click Settings > General.
  3. In the Call permissions tab, move the Outbound calls toggle to activate Softphone.

An administrator or an owner can configure the Caller ID displayed in the dialer in the General settings section or in the Edit group section. The caller ID configured in the Edit group section overrides the caller ID configured in the General settings section.

After Softphone is activated, agents can start using it for outbound calls.

  1. Click the Softphone icon in the bottom left corner.
  2. In the Contacts tab, the system displays the phone numbers of other users assigned to the account.
  1. In the Keypad tab, enter an external phone number and click Call. You can change Caller ID if this option is enabled in the General settings section.
  1. In the Recent calls tab, review call history and call back, if needed. The system displays calls handled by an agent, for example, missed calls, inbound calls, outbound calls, and transferred calls.
Call history

Embeddable Softphone

You can build in Softphone to your CRM or web applications to use it for processing calls. The embeddable Softphone allows to use the application along with the Softphone functionality.

After you build in Softphone, agents can handle inbound and outbound calls.

  1. Sign in to the embeddable Softphone.
Sign in

To process calls using the embeddable Softphone, do the following:

  1. In the upper right corner of the embeddable Softphone, move the toggle to activate the Receive new status to start receiving new calls.

Softphone statuses are based on Workspace statuses. To learn more about them, click here

  1. To answer an inbound call, click the green button. You can view the call data before accepting the call.
Inbound call
  1. To make an outbound call, use the keypad. Note, that you can change Caller ID of the outbound call if this option is enabled in the General settings section.
Outbound call
  1. On the call control panel, you can mute, put on hold, transfer, or end, the call.
Control panel
  1. Click the Information button on the call control panel to view tags and the contact card.
Contact card

As in Workspace, an agent can edit the contact card if a callee is an existing contact or create a new one if a callee is a new contact. You can add new tags to the contact card if needed.

  1. To transfer a call to another agent, click Transfer on the control panel and select the agent to whom you want to transfer the call.
Transfer call

In Softphone, the contact list is based on the list of users assigned to an account.

You can transfer the call in 3 ways:

  • Transfer immediately

  • Ask the agent before transferring

  • Transfer to an external phone number

  1. After you transfer the call, you can end the call or hold on and monitor the conversation.
  2. Click the red button to end the call.

Use the Recent calls tab to review the call history and call back if needed. The system displays missed, inbound, and outbound calls.

To minimize the Softphone panel, click the cross button under it.