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How to connect VKontakte Messenger chatbot

Create and run a VKontakte chatbot. All messages sent to the chatbot go directly to the agent’s chat.

  1. To create a community, go to your VK account. Select Communities in the main menu on the left.
Create community

If you already have a VK community, go to step 2.

  1. Click Create community. Select the type of community you need and then fill in all the required information.
Community settings
  1. Go to Voximplant Kit, select VKontakte.

  2. Click Connect VK. Log in to your VKontakte account if required. Allow the Voximplant Kit access to your account.

Connect VK
  1. Select the community you want to connect to Voximplant Kit and click Save. Allow Voximplant Kit access to your community.
Voximplant kit access
  1. In the Channels window of the Settings section, enter a channel name and select a queue or a function to forward and receive messages.
Channel settings
  1. To send a message, your customers should click Write message on your community page. Then, the messaging session starts automatically.