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Creating an automated campaign

The campaign is one of the main elements of the automated calling in Voximplant Kit. You can launch a customized call campaign based on a specific scenario.

Why are the campaigns better than the usual scenario? Campaigns are better because there are more elements that you can control directly from Voximplant Kit, which allows you to automate a lot more things.

In the campaign settings, you can set:

  • Date and time of the call
  • The number of lines used for simultaneous calls
  • Time intervals between redial attempts
  • The number of dial attempts and the script run
  • Add your data for easier contact sorting

To create a campaign, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Voximplant Kit account.
  2. Select the Outbound section.
  3. In the Automated Campaigns tab, click Create Campaign.
  4. In a new window, define the call strategy. Name the campaign, select the Caller ID, scenario, and the number of lines. Then, configure the campaign schedule and click Next.
Call strategy

The number of attempts is responsible for the number of calls made until the moment the script passes the Successful call block. Place the Successful call block correctly otherwise, the client will receive calls again even if the script is already processed.


The system launches recall attempts from the point where the scenario ended during the previous call attempt. The system saves preliminary specified data and variables, and you can use it further in the scenario.

  1. Upload your contact database and click Next. For your convenience, at this stage, you can find a table template that needs to be loaded. It is obligatory to have two columns in the file: the customer number and the time zone (phone and UTC columns), depending on your scenario, the file template may contain extra columns corresponding to the variables that are in your scenario.
Upload contacts
  1. Now, map variables. Match the fields from your uploaded file with the scenario variables. You can exclude columns if needed. Click Next.
Map variables
  1. Review the configured campaign and click Launch. You can save your campaign as a draft if needed.

After you launch the campaign, you can check its status in the list of campaigns. Click the i button next to the name of the campaign to review the details including information on errors that occurred while uploading contacts.

You can also upload more contacts to the campaign and review the campaign report by clicking the More options icon in the upper left corner.


After you launch the campaign, you cannot change the campaign settings.