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Buying numbers

Buy and add phone numbers for your scenarios.

Confirming a phone number for tests

After you register on the Voximplant Kit website, the system requires you to confirm your phone number. Enter the phone number to receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

This procedure is necessary to make test calls from the scenario editor or to test pre-assembled Voximplant Kit scenarios. After confirmation, this number appears in the test call window in the scenario editor.

Purchasing a phone number for campaigns

To launch a campaign, you need to buy a number on the Voximplant Kit website or add your own phone number.

  1. In Voximplant Kit, go to the Numbers section.
  2. In the Manage Numbers tab, click Buy a Number.
Buy a number
  1. Select the country, region, and number category (city, mobile) and click Next. You can find the purchased number in the Manage Numbers tab of the Numbers section.
Number filtering

In some countries, you need to verify your purchased number. To do this, perform the following steps while you are still viewing the Buy number window:

  1. Click Verify documents.
  1. In the Number Verification window, enter your personal or your company information. The confirmation process usually takes 1-2 business days.
  2. After the confirmation process is complete, you can find the verified number in the Verifications tab.

Specifying a call forwarding number

After you purchase and verify a phone number, you need to specify a call forwarding number. This option allows your client to call back in case they missed your inbound call. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Manage Numbers tab, click the More options icon and select Forward to number.
Forwarding number
  1. Enter a call forwarding number.
Forwarding number
  1. Click Forward. Now you can find the call forwarding number in the Manage Numbers tab.