Voximplant for Nonprofits

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For Kit, only pay for usage, such as per minute calling rates, call recording speech synthesis, etc. See more info below.*
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Voximplant for Nonprofits

From serverless to no code

Brief Explanation of what Kit and Platform are

Voximplant Platform allows developers to build communications apps such as click-to-calls and video conferences. Customers without coding resources use Voximplant Kit, a no-code omnichannel contact center.

Voximplant Platform

Voximplant Platform

Voximplant Platform provides APIs and SDKs for voice, video, messaging, SIP trunking, and natural language processing. Build quickly without sacrificing future flexibility using the most powerful serverless communications platform.

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Voximplant Kit

Voximplant Kit

Voximplant Kit is an omnichannel contact center with no-code AI & a flexible voice activated IVR. It can transform your contact center & even integrate with your existing solution.

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Automated Notifications

Why Nonprofits Choose Voximplant

Connect with more donors

Reach more people and increase your donor giving. Use our call automation technology to share updates with donors about your organization over the phone, through SMS texts, and more. You can serve more donors through automation of routine requests, or with hyper-personalized human contact through our system.

Automated Outbound Campaigns for Large Scale Impact

Launch high-quality call campaigns to thousands at 80% lower cost based on a schedule or trigger, and optionally include a conversational IVR. Leverage for surveys, mass announcements, & more.

Contact Center for Crisis Situations

Create a hotline for those in need or crisis

People are turning to your organization for help or answers. Be there for those who need your help by designing and implementing a hotline in 30 minutes. People can call or message the hotline and get routed to available agents or volunteers easily so that no one falls through the cracks. The drag and drop editor makes it easy for non-technical people to make changes at any time.

If you want to automate any hotline processes, you can use our voicebot and conversational AI technology to handle even more calls and messages.

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Key features for nonprofit organizations


Skills-Based Routing

The rate of first call resolution (FCR) can be improved if a caller gets connected to the right operator. If the agent possesses the appropriate skills and knowledge, not only will it impress the donor or person in need, but it will also reduce the load on the contact center.


Unlimited Concurrent Call Capacity

The call center has no constraints on the number of calls processed. It will have no negative impact on call quality. Combined with the routing functionality within the call center software, you can quickly distribute incoming calls to agents or volunteers.


Reporting and Analytics

Keep track of key metrics such as the rate of answered, missed, and abandoned calls, average wait time, call duration, etc. Also, you can monitor the calls remotely in real time. By gaining detailed insights, you can work toward improving the quality of your service.


Contact Data and Tags

The solution can be integrated with a contact database or CRM to provide the context for your agents. If the system recognizes a caller, an agent can see the caller’s relevant information.


Voximplant Platform for More Advanced Situations Requiring APIs & SDKs

For tech focused nonprofits, Voximplant Platform is a good option to consider. Unlike other communication API solutions, Voximplant Platform provides an integrated communications development experience that includes native serverless tools, many AI integrations, and a comprehensive set of APIs and SDKs for any platform. See the Platform overview page to learn more.


Omnichannel Interactions

Allow your customers to contact you in any way they prefer, including voice, SMS texts, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and more. Also, you can integrate other platforms and seamlessly switch between channels. For example, shift from call to chat, if needed, to accommodate those needing assistance better.


Global Communication Channel

Expand your footprint by purchasing international numbers or porting your existing ones. Your staff can reside in different regions to support interactions in various languages and at all times.


What is Voximplant for Nonprofits?

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Are there any fees associated with Voximplant for Nonprofits?

*These discounts will last as long as the Program exists and is not otherwise terminated according to the Terms.