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Paul Baker
2016-12-17 13:02:01
help describing this software in 1 or 2 paragraphs please
Helo I'm hey quadriplegic and I'm trying to build it up to connect a disabled with the the nurses in the area a bit like ever I've just discovered that there is a funding window closing in a couple of days and I need to write a Request for funding proposal has anyone here written the small one to paragraph. Statement about this software how can be used to build a Scalable Remote call centre as I intend to Employ people in wheelchairs to work from home My is going to be a bit like Uber so I have the intention to use in app video, text and voice messaging so the people who are disabled home can interview potential support workers from the safety of their home whilst we safely record and encrypting the data on our servers to ensure everyone's privacy, Can anyone share or write how the virtual call centre is scalable how we can call up more terminal operators during the peak times a scale down in quiet Times, As IAM not a programmer all experienced writer as you can see I'm hoping someone with a technical background can you explain briefly to assist me I'm currently using a very poor version of the voice to text as I wanted to sound Life it comes from an authority figure who knows about your software not a hack like myself, Thank you thank you Paul


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