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Skill groups migration guide

Developers who have been using Voximplant for a long time might know about the Queues and Skills. These are essential entities allowing correct operating of call queuing for contact centers built upon our ACD module. The thing is that Skill groups (Skills thereafter) are deprecated, so we recommend to examine this guide to understand how to properly convert your current Skill-based flow into a new one.


The skills abstraction means exactly what operators are responsible for, e.g., a "warranty" skill could refer to customers' questions related to the warranty of a product. Skill titles could be arbitrary, but usually, our developers put there something meaningful as in the previous example.

Each skill could be connected to a queue in your Voximplant application and also have assigned users. This way a call queue can work as a filter: call requests would be enqueued only to operators who have all the skills that are set for the specific queue.

Look at the scheme below:

As has been shown in the example, customers can be forwarded to different queues, MAIN and WARRANTY (e.g., via IVR). When a call is forwarded to a queue, it checks what skills are bound to it. In the case of the MAIN queue, it would be the General skill. Then the General skill check assigned users, in our case it's all three of them, so any of them who is free at the moment can answer a call. Note that user3 is assigned to both skills which means he or she is eligible to answer calls from both queues.

Starting January 1, 2020, skills will be completely removed from this logic as a redundant link in the chain. The architecture will look like this:

This way, users are bound to queues directly, the option of assigning one user to a few queues will remain as well. This looks like a reasonable step towards simplifying development on our platform, but the obvious question arises: what to do if a developer already has a bunch of skills that connect users to existing queues? No worries, we got you covered, just follow the instruction below.


We've implemented a simple migration feature which defines queues with assigned Skills and allows you to bind users directly to those queues, i.e., it can be called "conversion" to a new flow.

The only thing is that the feature is not fully automatic, you have to launch it manually anyway. To do so, log in to your account, go to your application, then switch to the Queues tab and click the three dots button to edit a queue.

Here you'll see a notification at the top of the page if there is at least one Skill assigned to the current queue.

Click Convert and in a couple of seconds migration will be done. That's it.

We recommend to check all of your active queues and update them if needed. Have a smooth deployment and loyal customers while we continue to keep you posted about the platform updates.