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Video streams and video views

The rendering is managed via the Voximplant.VideoStream class and Voximplant.VideoView component.

The VideoStream class contains a unique ID for a video stream; that ID is passed into the VideoView component via props.

The VideoView component renders a video stream with its ID and scaleType (possible values are SCALE_FIT, SCALE_FILL). Each video stream should be rendered via the separate VideoView component instance:



It is strictly required to handle the CallEventTypes.LocalVideoStreamAdded event to process a local video stream. Note that there is also the CallEventTypes.LocalVideoStreamRemoved event which notifies that a local video stream has stopped.

To process a remote video stream, there is a need to handle the EndpointEventTypes.RemoteVideoStreamAdded event; the EndpointEventTypes.RemoteVideoStreamRemoved event notifies that a remote video stream has stopped.