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Video streams and video views

Flutter SDK

Rotate sent video to match the device orientation using VIVideoRotation while adjusting the incoming stream view with VIVideoViewController.

React Native SDK

The rendering is managed via the Voximplant.VideoStream class and Voximplant.VideoView component.

The VideoStream class contains a unique ID for a video stream; that ID is passed into the VideoView component via props.

The VideoView component renders a video stream with its ID and scaleType (possible values are SCALE_FIT, SCALE_FILL). Each video stream should be rendered via the separate VideoView component instance:



It is strictly required to handle the CallEventTypes.LocalVideoStreamAdded event to process a local video stream. Note that there is also the CallEventTypes.LocalVideoStreamRemoved event which notifies that a local video stream has stopped.

To process a remote video stream, there is a need to handle the EndpointEventTypes.RemoteVideoStreamAdded event; the EndpointEventTypes.RemoteVideoStreamRemoved event notifies that a remote video stream has stopped.