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The Voximplant.Endpoint (WebSDK, React Native) class represents any remote media unit in a call (Web/iOS/Android application, SIP or regular phone, etc.). Each Endpoint instance has built-in methods for managing video streams and also contains:

Endpoints have their own events, e.g., to detect starting or terminating of receiving a video stream from a remote participant or changing the information containing in the endpoint.

Note that the Voximplant.Call (Web SDK or React Native) instance has the Call.getEndpoints (Web SDK or React Native) method to retrieve all current endpoints for a call; it also has the СallEvents.EndpointAdded (Web SDK) or CallEventTypes.EndpointAdded (React Native) event on adding a new endpoint.

We recommend assigning handlers for the Voximplant.EndpointEvents (Web SDK) or Voximplant.EndpointEventTypes (React Native) at the moment when the CallEvents.EndpointAdded or CallEventTypes.EndpointAdded event is triggered, see the examples:

Endpoint events handling

Endpoint events handling