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How to restore a call

Learn how to automatically restore the current call if you're experiencing network issues.

There is an automatic call restoration module that will help you do that. And here are the steps you need to complete to use this module:

  1. Clone this repo.
  2. Go to the Applications section of the Voximplant control panel and click on your application.
  3. Switch to the Scenarios tab and create a new scenario. Paste the code from the Scenarios.VoxEngine.js file here, then save your scenario.
  4. Install and open Web Server for Chrome, click Choose folder, and specify the repo folder. Open the suggested Web Server URL in your browser.
  5. Fill in the username and password fields, e.g.:

username: username@appname.account.voximplant.com

password: 12345

  1. Perform steps 1-6 on a different device device; log in as another operator in step 5.
  2. Start an outgoing call to the second operator and answer it from the second operator's party.
  3. Simulate a problem with the network, e.g., you can turn off your WiFi.
  4. In 3 seconds you will see a notification about problems in the connection, and you will have 15 seconds to fix it.
  5. If you manage to fix the network issues in 15 seconds, your connection will be restored, otherwise, your call will be terminated.