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How to integrate with Watson

Learn how to create a Watson Voice Agent and connect it with Voximplant right away.

Creating an IBM resource

Go to your IBM Cloud account and click Create resource in the upper right corner. Choose the Web and Application category, then click Voice Agent with Watson.

You can leave all fields as default and click Create at the bottom of the page.

Phone number

The agent requires a phone number to be available for calls. Purchase a number in the Voximplant control panel, сopy this number and go back to the Voice Agent resource.

Creating an agent

Сlick Services on the main dashboard of https://cloud.ibm.com/. Click Voice Agent with Watson in the drop-down Services list to open the recently created resource. Next, choose Manage from the menu on the left and click the Create a voice agent button in the upper right corner. Enter a name for the agent and paste the purchased Voximplant phone number.

Implementing a dialog skill

There is already a VoiceGatewayConversation skill implemented by default, which you can use. If you want to learn more about the available commands and create a custom skill, read this tutorial.

Voxengine scenario

Create an application in the Voximplant control panel, switch to the Scenarios tab of a newly created watson application and create a watson-scenario with the following code:



Don’t forget to substitute the number in the callSIP function with your purchased number!

Next, go to the Routing tab to create a watson-rule and specify the watson-scenario as an assigned scenario. Finally, attach the number you bought earlier to the application. Now you can start a sophisticated conversation with an IBM bot.