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How to make a video conference

Learn how to enable video conferencing in your Voximplant app.

There are two types of conferences that can be created: Local and Standalone. The logic in your JS scenario depends on which type of conference needs to be created. In both cases, all the endpoints hear each other and don't hear themselves. However, the Standalone conference takes up to 100 incoming calls and it can still do outgoing calls up to this limit if required by business logic. For Local conference, it's one incoming call and up to 49 outgoing calls.

Let's create a local conference to grasp the concept. First, we have to make it possible for the client to answer the first incoming and decline other incoming calls while the first one is active. And then build the conference itself. Here we basically rely on the conference module that we will use.

video conference scenario

video conference scenario

Now you have to create a rule to your application, assign your scenario to it, and select the Video conference checkbox to allow video streams in conferences:

And the last thing we do is create at least one user. Go to the Users tab inside of the application, create a user named user1, set a password for it; the Active checkbox should be selected. Click Save.

Find more details in the article.


The endpoints represented by SDKs should use the following logic to call an existing conference:

call conference

call conference

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