Automated Order Confirmation

As soon as a client places an order at Ulmart online-store, they receive a confirmation call from a voicebot. The voicebot processes both spoken and dialed answers. If the client wants to change the order or ask a question during the call, they can connect to a call center agent.

Order confirmation goes right after order placement. A client should confirm the data: address, price, and delivery time. Such calls consisted of 40% of all calls at our contact center. 

The amount of orders grew before holidays, so we had to calculate maximum demand periods and reschedule agents’ timetables accordingly. 

In December 2014, we embedded automatic calls. We didn’t have to hire extra staff because of the demand rush before the New Year holidays. We can grow 10, 20, 30 times bigger and be sure that this process will be still operating well. Thanks to our cooperation with Voximplant, we will continue working as we used to. This is essential. 

Dmitry Chmel
Head of the Business Architecture Center, “Delivery” Platform, Ulmart

How it Works


Script integration with any application


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers

Voicemail Detection

Detection of voice mail with 97.5% accuracy

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Cloud storage and programming interface


Reliability. Automatization has been working since December 2014.

Speed. The voicebot calls 15 minutes after order placement. 

Economy. Automatization reduces costs on the contact center.



Automated Order Confirmation

Ulmart is a multifunctional retailing online platform on a federal scale. It offers a wide range of goods and services. Its digital showcase represents 12 billion consumer products. Its logistics network covers 240 cities.

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