Automated order confirmation

In the period leading up to New Year’s Day, the number of orders in the online store increases exponentially, and the company is forced to temporarily hire about 60 new call center operators to confirm each order. Now this process is automated: customers are interviewed by a robot and data in the CRM system is automatically updated.

For more than two years, the project has shown that a robotic system is capable of independently supporting the smooth operation of a call center. It allows us to process customer requests promptly and at a high level with minimal financial costs.

Svetlana Koroleva
Head of Internet Sales,


Call center overload during peak sales season

An online children's toy store is a business with a pronounced seasonality. In times of heightened demand, additional staff had to be recruited to the call center. This required a great deal of time and money.

The amount of additional payments for the staff of operators hired during the high season was approximately RUB 2.1 million per month.


Automated order confirmation implemented a Voximplant solution for automated order confirmation through the company’s website.

A robot calls the customer as soon as an order is placed. It recognizes the customer’s voice and accepts the responses received via the customer’s dial response.

If a customer wants to change an order or ask a question during a call, they can switch to a call center employee. If the robot fails to reach the customer within an hour, the order is sent to operators for processing.

When an incoming call is received after the customer missed a call, the robot will check if there is a contact in the list of current requests and will launch the script if there is a match. If no matches are found in the orders, the call will be dropped with a “Busy”.

How it Works


Script integration with any application


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers

Voicemail Detection

Detection of voice mail with 97.5% accuracy

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Cloud storage and programming interface

Phone Numbers

Business phone number purchase


Robot takes on additional load

The company’s main problem – the need for major staff expansion during high season – was successfully resolved. As a result, up to 55% of orders are now automatically confirmed without loss of quality. There are still enough active employees to handle cases requiring human input. In total, instead of RUB 35,000 per month for each additional operator, the company spends just RUB 6,500 per month for one automated line.


Importantly, the system can run 24/7 and call customers at a convenient time depending on their time zone, minimizing the likelihood that a buyer will be lost to competitors due to long waiting times.

Automated order confirmation

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