Virtual Doctor’s Visit

Thanks to the Voximplant video solution, online consultations with specialists are now available to patients of the Scandinavia Clinic. A customer can call a doctor from a web browser or mobile app without installing any additional programs. The connection is encrypted and completely secure.

Collaboration with Voximplant helped us launch telemedicine just before the peak of the pandemic and the introduction of self-isolation measures. As a result, we were able to be close to our patients at the most critical time for the clinic. After a decline in Covid-19 infection rates, we have seen a decrease in the demand for remote assistance, but we believe that interest in telemedicine will expand over the long term. Everything depends on how this format takes root in the minds of consumers. We are now ready for the future demand for telemedicine, even if it grows at a slower pace than is widely assumed.

Anton Boyko
Project Management Director, Scandinavia network of clinics

How it Works


Cloud storage and programming interface


Tools for rapid application development

Video Recording

Video recording for quality assurance


Script integration with any application


Safety. You can consult with a physician without leaving your home.

Convenience. Video call is available in both mobile and web versions without installing any additional software. 

Privacy. The connection is encrypted and completely secure.

Virtual Doctor’s Visit

The Scandinavia network of clinics has been operating in the private medicine market since 1996 and is the largest healthcare provider in Northwestern Russia.

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