Automated Notification of Order Status

Shinservice has automated the response to one of the most common incoming requests - where is my order. First, using the interactive menu (IVR), the client selects the option "find out the status of the order", then the robot greets him by name and reports the current status. Also, the robot can connect the client with the manager.

A lot of inbound calls are requests for consultations like “which tire is better”. We can’t replace human agents with voicebots here as it will decrease the quality of our service. But an analysis of all inbound calls showed that 15% of them are requests about an order status. During the busy season, we received up to 1,500 routine calls daily. 

Outbound agents can inform customers about their order statuses, but the process of client identification takes a lot of time. Clients are hanging on and we are paying every minute of the call. The autonotification we created together with Voximplant instantly identifies a client by their phone number and announces an up-to-date order status. A client spends less than 30 seconds checking the information. It helps us reduce considerable costs on agents and unload them during the busy season.

Alexander Gridin
Head of Contact Center, Shinservice

How it Works

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Cloud storage and programming interface


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


Interactive Voice Response


Script integration with any application


Speech recognition and natural language processing

Phone Numbers

Business phone number purchase


Effectiveness. Call center agents don’t waste their time on repetitive requests.

Convenience. An order number is identified automatically by a phone number. 

Speed. The voicebot instantly finds required information in the CRM.


Automated Notification of Order Status

Shinservice is a large wholesale and retail company selling tires and wheels of famous world brands with its own network of tire centers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and cities with a population of over one million. The Shinservice online store, according to E-Commerce ratings, occupies a leading position in the industry and delivers to all regions of Russia.

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