AI for Call Center

Sberbank uses Voximplant products to automate call center operations: the robot answers customers’ simple questions on its own or helps a human operator find the necessary information.
This case is from the Banking industry.
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Sberbank is the largest transnational and universal bank of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe. Presently, Sberbank has over 2.5 million corporate customers serviced by 2,500 call center employees. The call center receives more than 20,000 calls in a single day.

Using Voximplant, Sberbank has automated operation of its call centers in two ways. 1. Virtual Operator: Anna advises a customer about the nearest ATM/bank branch address. 2. Virtual Assistant to an Operator: In the course of a dialogue between an operator and a customer, online transcribing (speech recognition) of the customer and research on possible solutions takes place. The robot provides the operator with relevant information pertaining to the client’s issue.

  • tts
  • speech-to-text
  • http-api
  • voice-recording
  • cloud-js
  • PSTN
  • phone-numbers
AI for Call Center

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