AI for Call Center

Sberbank uses Voximplant products to automate call center operations: the robot answers customers’ simple questions on its own or helps a human operator find the necessary information.

To test speech analysis technology and its application to the bank, we chose Voximplant. This platform possesses the necessary features to enhance customer service and operator efficiency. With the help of our development team, we managed to implement the required functions and verify our hypotheses

Yegor Sivkov
Chief Analyst of Corporate Customers 360 Division, Sberbank

How it Works


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Script integration with any application

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Cloud storage and programming interface

Phone Numbers

Business phone number purchase


Speed. A customer learns the address of an ATM or a bank branch without having to wait to speak to an operator.

Effectiveness. Less time spent by the operator searching for relevant information.

Convenience. The Virtual Assistant chooses information relevant to the customer’s region.

AI for Call Center

Sberbank is the largest transnational and universal bank of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe. Presently, Sberbank has over 2.5 million corporate customers serviced by 2,500 call center employees. The call center receives more than 20,000 calls in a single day.



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Russia and CIS, Europe, China, India

Automation area

Operator Routine, Customer Care