Click to call

Online customer communications

Customers of S7 Airlines can call its contact center directly from the company’s website or mobile apps. Customers can get required information and assistance from anywhere in the world. A customer does not need to leave the app or install additional software to make a call. The click-to-call feature has been in use since 2011.

About S7 Airlines

S7 Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Russia, operating both domestic and international passenger flights. S7 Airlines is a member of the oneworld global aviation alliance, the world’s leader in providing quality services to passengers. oneworld member airlines are located on all continents and operate flights to 150 countries around the globe.

On average, Russians take only about two flights a year. Thus they quickly forget how they bought tickets last time, what the rules and procedures were, and what should be done before the flight. Due to their limited experience, customers often have several issues at once, and find it hard to word their questions precisely. Therefore, they prefer to call the contact center for assistance.

In 2011, we were among the first airlines to introduce the click-to-call feature, and found it extremely useful. Later, we added the online call feature to our mobile app to make support even more accessible for customers. Today, online calls amount to 5% of all voice calls to our contact center.
Alexandra Gribkova,
Client Support Manager, S7 Airlines

Voximplant in action

Incoming online call

To make a call from a web browser or the S7 Airlines app, customers use ready-made Voximplant components. All calls are sent to the IVR system. Once the request topic is determined, the call is redirected to an operator of the appropriate skill group. S7 Priority members calling from the app or website can utilize a dedicated line to which the call is sent directly, bypassing the IVR system. Incoming calls can be recorded.
The click-to-call feature is convenient for users and, at the same time, has a very straightforward API for developers. Our colleagues from Voximplant are open to feedback: a problem never remains unsolved. Above all, within the five-year history of our cooperation, I cannot recollect any major technical problem.
Egor Bayandin,
CTO, S7 Airlines


Dynamic service with advanced analytics capabilities
Additional communication channel for S7 customers (service redundancy)
Service reservation
Connections from any city and country, savings on roaming charges
Stable operation since 2011