Online Calling via Mobile App

Customers of S7 Airlines can call its contact center directly from the company’s website or from mobile apps. Customers can get required information and assistance from anywhere in the world and they do not need to leave the app or install additional software to make a call. The click-to-call feature has been in use since 2011.

The click-to-call feature is not only convenient for users but also for developers with a very straightforward API. Our colleagues from Voximplant are open to feedback so a problem never remains unsolved. Above all, within the five-year history of our collaboration, I cannot recall any major technical problems.

Egor Bayandin
DD for technological development, S7 Airlines

In 2011, we were among the first airlines to introduce the click-to-call feature, and found it extremely useful. Later, we added the online call feature to our mobile app to make support even more accessible for customers. Today, online calls amount to 5% of all voice calls to our contact center.

Alexandra Gribkova
Customer Support Manager, S7 Airlines

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Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance

Phone Numbers

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Cloud storage and programming interface


Tools for rapid application development


Analytics. Dynamic service with advanced analytics capabilities.

Stability. Stable operation since 2011.

Availability. Connections from any city and country.

Tailored Service. Additional communication channel for S7 priority members.

Service Reservation. A new level of service.

Online Calling via Mobile App

S7 Airlines is one of the largest airlines in Russia, operating both domestic and international passenger flights. S7 Airlines is a member of the oneworld® global aviation alliance, the world’s leader in providing quality services to passengers. oneworld member airlines are located on all continents and operate flights to 150 countries around the globe.



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