Since 2011, customers of S7 Airlines have been able to reach its contact center directly from the company’s website or from mobile apps. This enables customers to receive required information and assistance from anywhere in the world fairly easily asa customer does not need to leave the app or install additional software to make a call.

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To make a call from a web browser or from the S7 Airlines app, customers use ready-made Voximplant components (online call button). All calls are sent to the IVR system. Once the request topic is determined, the call is then redirected to an operator of the appropriate skill group. S7 Priority members calling from the app or from the website are able to use a dedicated line that bypasses the IVR system. Incoming calls can be recorded.

  • voice-recording
  • phone-numbers
  • PSTN
  • cloud-js
  • SDK
Online Call to Contact Center

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