Telephony Integration for CRM

During the first contact with a new customer, the operator asks questions and sends a request for issuing a card. To speed up the operator’s work, the customer request is sent directly to the CRM system, from which the operator can call the customer with just one click.
This case is from the Banking industry.
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About company

Rocketbank is one of the first Russian virtual banks. The mobile application allows customers to make free and instant transfers from other banks, open accounts and deposits, pay for various services and taxes.

  • 1.5KCALLScompleted per day
  • 10%OF CALLSmonitored for quality control
  • 20SECONDSneeded for customer authentication

The Voximplant cloud is integrated with the Rocketbank CRM system. As incoming calls arrive, the Voximplant cloud issues a command for the CRM system to pull up the customer’s file and forwards the call to an operator. If the operator makes an outgoing call, the CRM web page sends out a signal, and the Voximplant cloud calls the customer and connects him/her with an operator. Calls are recorded if necessary.

Telephony Integration for CRM

How it Works



    Customer’s phone number is hidden

    Outgoing calls are placed directly from the CRM system (connecting within 5-10 seconds)
    All conversations are recorded

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