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Phone Number Masking for Bank Clients

After drawing up a card at Otkritie Bank a client is called by a bank representative for delivery details such as place and time. The integrated Voximplant solution allowed Otkritie to provide its customers with the opportunity to call back if they missed a call, as well as to increase the level of data confidentiality.

As soon as we started delivering cards and other banking products to clients’ homes, we faced the question of creating a flexible communication process with our clients. We wanted to make sure that clients see a regular landline phone number when we call them. If it’s required, they can call us back at any convenient time and continue the conversation with their manager. Taking into account the specifics of  cellular carrier work, an additional scheme was implemented to forward the call to the responsible coordinators, if the manager cannot answer. This helped us to ensure a high level of availability of our service. 

We managed to implement the solution quickly: it took us 2-3 weeks from the beginning of negotiation till the launch. Timely response is a notable feature of Voximplant: managers solve any issues as fast as possible and try to find personalized solutions. 

Ayubov Artur
Head of the Remote Distribution Department, Otkritie bank


Poor Level of Service Availability

After the client acquired a product like a credit, debit card or a mortgage at the Otkritie bank, a manager used to contact him by the phone number mentioned in the application form to collect information about the convenient place and time of the delivery. However this way complicated the communication process with clients. Therefore, to increase the level of service availability and maintain customer loyalty the bank needed an outsource solution.


Phone Number Masking for Customer Service Improvement

The integrated Voximplant solution allowed Otkitie bank to connect managers to clients without compromising the convenience and flexibility of the process.


Bank reps contact their clients using unique request numbers. A call reaches the platform which connects a bank manager to the client. When the client receives the call, he sees a landline number. 


If the client misses the call, he can call back at any convenient time. The call is routed to the manager assigned to the request. If this manager is unavailable, the call is rerouted to his superior.


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Safe and Fast Communication Between the Bank and its Clients

Phone number masking allows both sides to communicate freely. Bank managers connect to clients knowing only their unique request numbers. The solution enables the bank to control and analyse employees’ work and increase the level of customer service.

Phone Number Masking for Bank Clients

Otkritie Bank is a universal bank with a diversified business structure listed in the systemically important credit organisations approved by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.



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