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Voicebot Assistance for New Bank Clients

Otkritie Bank uses voicebot Maria to automate outbound communications with clients. These communications are customer support and introductions of offers and opportunities in the first 3 months after opening an account in particular. The integrated Voximplant solution resulted in a significant reduction of costs and a high level of customer support with no additional agents involved.

We have been working with Voximplant since 2019. These were one-off cases at first, which let us estimate the platform’s possibilities. And then, as it seems to me, they were surprised by our eagerness to develop automatisation of outbound communications. So far, we are the first and the only bank to onboard small and medium-sized business clients without a banking manager’s assistance. It was essential not just to become first, of course, but to provide entrepreneurs with prime grade services, maintain their loyalty and increase client activation levels – the main indicator of onboarding. And we did it: our current project matrix let us not only keep, but also increase the activation of a new client base. And this is just the beginning.

Kamil Ibragimov
Head of the CRM-marketing department, Otkritie Bank


Significant increase of the call center costs due to the client base expansion

After a client opened an account at Otkritie Bank, a manager used to reach out to inform them about products and services available, help to navigate the interface and answer their questions. However, a rapid growth of the client base and the enlargement of the product range caused overloads for the existing managers and increased costs on outsourcing call centers.


Onboarding automatisation

The Voximplant solution enabled Otkritie Bank to automatise its key and the most functionally difficult process – customer onboarding. 


After customers open an account, voicebot Maria calls to acquaint them with the banking system, connect required products and answer the questions predicted with the help of Big Data. If a client prefers to talk to an agent, they can ask the voicebot to shift the call. 


Following a discreet communication strategy, voicebot Maria tries to reach the client twice during office hours. If the client couldn’t answer the call, Maria calls them once again a day later. The client can also call back; in this case they will be consulted by the call center agents.

How it Works


Script integration with any application


Tools for rapid application development


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Fast and effective customer support with minimum costs

Smooth and safe onboarding is a basis for a long-term relationship with a client. Robotisation allowed Otkritie Bank not just to maintain, but to increase the rate of new clients activation by 5%. The robotic onboarding increased the quantity of new account transactions by 21%, increased the amount of transacted money by 21% and decreased customer attrition rates by 10%.

Voicebot Assistance for New Bank Clients

Otkritie Bank is a universal bank with a diverse business structure listed in the systemically important credit organisations approved by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.



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