Online Call from Mobile App

Ostrovok.ru, a leading player in Russia’s online booking market, implemented audio calls to a mobile app so customers can contact support from any city or country. The user just needs to log on to the Internet and click the "Internet call" button in their personal account.

Our company offers an online mobile app that people traveling to other countries and regions can call. 

Customers often call us in order to resolve an urgent issue: for example, the hotel refuses to provide them with breakfast. We need our clients to be able to communicate with our support team without the need for roaming. With Voximplant, we managed to solve the problem of reimbursing phone calls, obtaining additional approvals, and so on.

The flexible capabilities of the Voximplant platform make it possible to resolve any issues in a couple of days. Today, about 10% of customer calls come through the mobile app. This helps us maintain their loyalty and saves resources.

Evgeny Volontsevich
Head of Operations, Ostrovok.ru

How it Works

Voice Recording

Запись звонков для контроля качества

Phone Numbers

Покупка номеров телефонов для бизнеса


Программирование и хранение данных в облаке


Функционал для быстрой разработки приложения


Convenience. The call can be initiated by pressing a single button.

Savings. The company does not spend money to reimburse roaming calls.

Speed. Development of a solution on the platform took two days.

Online Call from Mobile App

Ostrovok.ru is an online hotel booking service. The company provides clients with 950,000+ accommodation options in hotels, hostels and apartments directly from providers and major partners. The advantages of the service include a wide selection of options, transparent pricing, an in-house loyalty program "Bank of Dreams", low prices and a large number of traveler reviews.



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