Smart Call System for Delivery Service

An automated call alerts CDEK customers that the courier will deliver a package within an hour. The customer then notifies whether he is ready to accept, transfer, cancel the order or would like to contact the courier via IVR. The command to initiate the call is made by the courier inside the mobile app and in it he sees the customer’s response.

The customer must be notified so that a delivery can take place. We do this twice – one day and one hour before the delivery. In addition, this is a formal requirement of our partners, whose parcels are received by customers. The main challenge for us was that pre-delivery notification calls were difficult to audit.

After the introduction of smart dialing, we managed to create a convenient tool for tracking call status in real time. A manager from any city in the country can easily download data and check whether the customer's delivery notification has been completed. These options are very attractive for the companies we work with.

An additional benefit was that the smart call helped free up time for both the courier and the contact center. For example, a customer decided to reschedule a delivery. Previously, the courier contacted the call center operator: he called the client and chose a different time for delivery with him. Now, as soon as the customer notifies the intelligent IVR about his decision, we automatically send a text message with instructions on how to choose a convenient time on his own.

Alexander Voronov
Head of IntraCity Logistics, CDEK

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Script integration with any application


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Interactive Voice Response


Tools for rapid application development


Cloud storage and programming interface

Phone Numbers

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Efficiency. Automated delivery transfer freed up some of the contact center resources.

Scale. 2,000 couriers from 200 divisions across Russia are connected to the service.

Convenience. the client can independently change the delivery time without input from the operator.

Smart Call System for Delivery Service

CDEK is a logistics company that was founded in 2000 and ranks among the top 5 courier companies in Russia. CDEK has about 600 divisions and representative offices across the country and abroad. The CDEK franchise has been among the five most successful franchises according to Forbes for several years in a row.

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