Automated Notifications for a Delivery Service

CDEK uses the Voximplant solution to automate delivery notifications: a robocall alerts CDEK clients that the courier will deliver the package within an hour. The client advises whether they want to accept, reschedule, or cancel the order, or to contact the courier via IVR.

The customer must be notified so the delivery can take place. We do this twice – one day before delivery and one hour before delivery. This is also a requirement of our partners, whose parcels are received by customers. The main challenge for us was that pre-delivery notification calls were difficult to audit.

After the introduction of smart dialing, we managed to create a convenient tool for tracking call status in real time. A manager from any city in the country can easily download data and check whether the customer's delivery notification was completed. These options are very attractive for the companies we work with.

An additional benefit was that the smart call helped free up time for both the courier and the contact center. For example, a customer decided to reschedule a delivery. Previously, the courier contacted the call center operator: the operator called the client and chose a different time for delivery with them. Now, as soon as the customer notifies the intelligent IVR about their decision, we automatically send a text message with instructions on how to choose a convenient time on their own.

Alexander Voronov
Head of IntraCity Logistics, CDEK


Increased delivery time due to increased burden on couriers

To coordinate delivery details – date, time and place -- operators manually called customers to confirm information they left previously. One hour prior to delivery, the courier also contacted the clients to warn them of their arrival. However, the recipient could have forgotten about the delivery and be absent at the agreed time at the specified address, not pick up the phone, or forget to call back. In turn, the courier might not send timely information on the order status or might report problems - delay, emergency situation, etc. Thus delivery time increased, adversely affecting customer service, as well as the motivation and monitoring of the couriers’ work.


Robocall for delivery notifications

To automate the delivery reminder process a robophone was built into the Mobile Courier app. A smart call allows you to set the delivery time, warn about delays en route, and also allows the recipient to directly contact the courier.

The operating principle of the app is simple: the courier goes to the client's page and launches a smart call with one click. The platform makes up to 3 attempts to reach the client. Customers may choose to accept or refuse the courier, reschedule the delivery for another date, or choose a courier call option if they feel they need more details. CDEK sends the received reply to the CRM system which automatically updates the courier application.

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Improved customer service and courier speed

Automation of the confirmation process and delivery transfer allowed CDEK to free up time not only for couriers, but also for the contact center. The integrated solution helped increase courier productivity by more than 5-10%. An additional bonus was that the smart call gave customers the ability to change the delivery time independently, without the help of operators.



Automated Notifications for a Delivery Service

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