Phone number masking and call management is an automotive classified for new and used cars. The client base of the company is considered to be one of the largest in the Russian market, both in C2C and B2C advertisements. The offering consists of private cars, commercial vehicles, and automotive services. in the number of ads and calls made to car dealers. Each day the website and the app is visited by two million users.
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About company uses virtual phone numbers which provide safe communication and spam protection for their users. Voximplant offers solutions for companies such as in implementing complex call routing scenarios. Developers of use the Voximplant platform to complete existing functionality of telecom operators with non-standardized features (call management, IVR with speech synthesis and voice recognition, call recording, and transcription) creating an easy solution for call management.

  • 100%OF MISSED CALLSare routed to the IVR
  • < 7%OF CALLSare forwarded from the IVR to alternative seller

The Voximplant cloud unites real and virtual numbers in one space. Using HTTP API, the developers of independently configure required settings: call routing, tracking call duration, banning spam calls, integrating voice bots, etc. This enables rapid solution implementation: e.g. if the seller misses an incoming call twice, the next incoming call will be routed to the IVR. In the interactive menu, a voice message is played, offering the buyer an option to speak to another seller with the same kind of car model as in the initial ad. If the buyer agrees, an instant call is initiated to the alternative sales manager.

Phone number masking and call management

How it Works



    The buyer doesn't have to waste time on finding options


    Buyers won't leave for other classifieds


    Car dealers will receive calls only from interested clients

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