Ak Bars Bank

Automated Processing of Loan-Related Calls

The Aimee platform developed by Ak Bars Bank speeds up the process of reviewing customer applications. If the data provided is insufficient to make a decision, the robot calls the client and asks additional questions. Call logic, including speech synthesis and recognition, is embedded in the Voximplant interface.

The platform's functionality makes it possible to rollout solutions of any complexity, using the capabilities of both Voximplant and third-party vendors integrated with the platform. This does not require entering into supplementary agreements since a contract with Voximplant is sufficient.

It is interesting to experiment with the designer, try out new things and test hypotheses on the fly. A new service can be set up and tested in a couple of days to understand whether it makes sense to invest further in its development.

Mikhail Vdovin
Product owner, Center for Technological and Digital Development, Ak Bars Digital Technologies

How it Works


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Script integration with any application


Tools for rapid application development

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Cloud storage and programming interface

Phone Numbers

Business phone number purchase


Savings. Operators do not waste time on obviously irrelevant applications.

Efficiency. The robot calls as many times as needed. It takes time zones into account and can call until 9 pm local time.

Attention. The Bank communicates with each client. Voximplant’s synthetic voices are so realistic that the robot is often mistaken for a live female operator.

Automated Processing of Loan-Related Calls

Ak Bars Bank is a leading bank of the Republic of Tatarstan, and ranks among the Top-20 financial institutions in Russia in terms of assets. The bank provides over 100 types of banking services to corporate and private clients and has a footprint in 27 regions across the country. Ak Bars Bank is one of Russia’s Top-5 banks according to the bank digitalization ranking of the Skolkovo Foundation.



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