Voximplant email notifications

Voximplant email notifications

For a new account registration, Voximplant cloud will send news, billing and account-related information to the specified email address. You can select what kind of information to receive and add more email addresses to be notified via the control panel "contacts" section.

The "contacts" section is available from the Voximplant control panel top menu account selector:

In order to add another email address for notifications click on the "Add Contact" button. In order to change the notification settings for an existing contact click on the "Edit Contact" button:

Following notification options are available:

  • News: receive Voximplant general news about new features, platform changes, and events.
  • Tariff changing: receive notifications about billing and pricing changes.
  • Account: receive notifications about minimal balance and other account activities.
  • Development: receive notifications about errors in JavaScript scenarios.
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