Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Voximplant allows for multiple video streams to be communicated between each endpoint. Developers can control how they are displayed using both cloud-side and client-side JavaScript. Video call capabilities can be added to web pages and mobile apps, while Voximplant cloud can combine them with voice-only PSTN calls, record audio/video streams with HD audio support, and much more.

What Video Conferencing Software Entails

Video conferencing addresses an important need in modern business. Face-to-face meetings are considered one of the most effective means of communication with more employees working remotely and with companies expanding across borders, industries are looking for ways to accommodate our increasingly globalized interactions.

Video conferencing software provides much more than the name suggests:

  • Simultaneous video and audio for communication between people in real time;
  • Ability to change configurations and send one-tap invites to join meetings;
  • Collaborative built-in features such as chat, screen sharing, and recording;
  • File-sharing capabilities and integrations with marketing automation and CRM software.

Elements of conferencing software ensure that all employees can host and attend virtual meetings at any time. Regardless of where they are, they can communicate with their colleagues, company partners, and customers as long as they have the right device and application.

Impact of Video Conferencing on Business Operations

The video conferencing service from Voximplant fundamentally changes internal and external company communications. Among the many tangible benefits, companies appreciate the following:

  • Convenience – No need for in-person attendance makes a big difference to people’s daily schedules. Most importantly, it lets them stay focused on their tasks and quickly switch over to online video conferencing.
  • Enhanced collaboration – The ability to communicate with anyone with compatible software fosters open and consistent communication. For example, different teams and departments can discuss product changes in a matter of hours.
  • Long-distance or international communication – Your best specialists can lend their skills throughout your organization even if it’s spread across the globe. Plus, conferencing software helps your employees with transitioning to remote work without the need to interview and train new workers.
  • Reduced travel costs – Video conferencing doesn’t fully replace all trips or flights; however, telepresence represents significant cost savings because of at least a partial reduction in the need to travel for business. Try demo
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