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Key-Value Storage

A way for Voximplant applications to store and retrieve key-value pairs

WebSocket Introduction

WebSocket, an advanced standard for full-duplex (two-way) communication between a client and a third-party service in real-time is now supported in Voximplant.

Streaming Introduction

We’re glad to announce that Voximplant now supports integration with popular streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

Voximplant email notifications

Making calls via SIP registration

VoxImplant supports SIP Registrations - it registers on 3rd party SIP server as a customer and can make/receive calls using the customer account, now it's possible to make outbound calls using SIP registrations.

Using Voximplant ChildAccounts

Voximplant offers child accounts (subaccounts) that can be created by developer using his parent account credentials.


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