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2020-06-18 12:40:39
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Choosing cloud solutions for your business is not easy - there are many things you should consider and think through, because switching to another solution can be costly and time-consuming. If your plans include setting up a virtual contact center and finding ways to dramatically improve your customer service and sales, we can name at least 7 reasons for you to consider Voximplant. 

Even if you already have a contact center and are serious about providing high-quality customer support, you definitely should consider investing in process automation. This will allow you to spare your operators the tasks of dealing with simple and frequently asked questions, letting employees solve problems that require creativity and empathy.

Business processes automation is a big trend of recent years. Why? Obviously, robots are cheaper, faster and more controllable than employees, and they don't make mistakes or get tired. Customer expectations of service quality are constantly growing, so it’s not surprising that nowadays there are so many solutions to choose from.

Before choosing a service provider, you should have a clear understanding of your own needs and requirements. This is mainly necessary because it will be easier for you to research, compare and test different solutions in practice. Many cloud solutions have similar features, however Voximplant has a major advantage: it can be adapted to your business needs especially easily. We stand out from the competition and we can explain why. 

Why Voximplant?

1. Personalized approach and service

When people turn to us for an effective solution, we always take into account the size of the company to suggest the best integration scenario. If the business is large, an individual solution is required, which our developers will take care of and integrate into the business system in a matter of days.

If the company is not large enough yet, the best option would be to use Voximplant Kit - a visual editor in which everyone can create and launch a contact center from scratch without any coding whatsoever. Naturally, at this stage we keep in touch with new clients 24/7 to provide a great onboarding experience and always be there to help if any questions arise. We’re also ready to create and suggest a contact center scenario for you and explain its logic upon your request.

2. Affordable and cost-effective solutions

Our platform is affordable for any business. We’re always glad to take a personalized approach and form individual prices for each client, so that you can be sure you’ll meet the budget. Moreover, you can test the platform's capabilities for free. Flexible pricing model allows you to scale the platform up and down at any time, depending on your business needs. 

3. Excellent call quality and data security

The calls quality is controlled 24/7 and is ready for analysis at any time. Such strict control significantly improves the overall quality of service in the long term. The conversations that go through our platform are 100% confidential. We are responsible for the safety of the data that you share with us. All data is kept in our cloud storage and is encrypted in accordance with security standards.

4. Advanced features at your fingertips

Even a small call center can have access to advanced features such as:

  1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR),
  2. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD),
  3. Phone number masking, and others.

All of this previously had been available only to big players. With Voximplant, it is available to everyone.

5. Compatible with your software

Our solutions can be integrated with any number of solutions you’re already using: CRM systems, customer service applications and others. Such integrations simplify the life of both customers and employees, allowing the latter to quickly navigate the history of communication with each user: the customer card contains personal information, previous calls, open issues, completed tasks etc. In addition, it is possible to maintain consistency, relevance and transparency of data across different systems, so that your sales managers are always aware of the current situation and are able to quickly make decisions based on information from the CRM. 

6. Increases employee efficiency and productivity

Voximplant improves employee productivity by automatically moving them to the next call after the call ends. The voice robot automatically routes incoming calls to the most competent and least busy employees. That is why there is no “queue” of incoming calls — as soon as the operator ends the conversation, the voice assistant can immediately address him the next call. This can actually make a big difference, as eliminating manual call distribution usually improves contact centre performance drastically.

Also, we have a predictive dialing system that allows you not to pay for the minutes your employees spend on phisically dialing numbers and waiting for the customers to answer. How does it work?

You just upload a list of numbers into the system and create a personal button for each operator — it will notify the system about every employee’s status — such as “busy”, “free”, etc. So, the system starts automatic dialing, and as soon as some client picks up the phone, the call is routed to a free operator. As a result, neither operators nor clients have to waste their time, and every employee's time is spent exclusively on talking to customers.

7. Top-notch technology

Our platform allows creating advanced voice bots that synthesize and recognize natural speech, and can also work on the basis of artificial intelligence. Moreover, Voximplant has a function of improved short answers recognition. It is important, because often such simple words as “yes” and “no” can be difficult for a robot to understand. Our functionality for creating smart bots is integrated with Google Dialogflow solution (Voximplant is an official Google Technology Partner as the creator of Dialogflow Connector for telephony). We offer truly unique technologies and innovative solutions for the market.


Even though today’s cloud communications market offers a wide variety of options, a truly effective, reliable and scalable solution is not that easy to find. You should aim for a company that is ready to adapt to your business needs, use cases and budget. The chosen solution should be compatible with the software you already use and provide the necessary level of data security. All of the qualities listed in this post can be combined within your Voximplant solution, whether it’s Voximplant Platform or Voximplant Kit.

Contact our experts to find out what Voximplant solution would fit your needs best and get all info about pricing, use cases and more:

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