"callPSTN" now requires a caller id

Starting on April 25 we change our callPSTN API: “caller id” is no longer optional and must be specified.

Audio and Video record`s URL length can be more than 255 characters.

To make our platform better we are now removing the limit, so URL length can be longer than 255 characters.

Hot Summer Speech-to-Text Updates

Following Google’s release of new Speech API, we are happy to announce improved quality of call records transcription.

Blind transfer support for SIP phones

Blind transfer is when a person who transfers the call won't talk with the person to whom he transfers it.

Diff in VoxEngine scenarios editor

We have embedded the Diff utility that shows the difference between a scenario version which is now stored in the Voximplant's cloud and the one with the recent changes that will be saved.

Promise support has arrived to VoxEngine

Now developers can use Promise in their VoxEngine scenarios and we also added Net.httpRequestAsync and Net.sendMailAsync functions.

VoxImplant Instant Messaging

We've stared with audio, then we've added video calls and now it's time to let our developers use instant messaging and presence - two very important features of UC stack.

Additional API access setting - allowed IP addresses/networks

Now there is a way to restrict access to VoxImplant HTTP API and only allow it for certain IP addresses or networks when api_key is being used.

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