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VoxImplant iOS SDK Reference

VoxImplant iOS SDK lets you embed voice communication into your native iOS applications. Start by downloading one of our demo applications:

After download:

  1. Install the CocoaPods (see
  2. Unpack the archive and cd into the unpacked directory
  3. Run the $ pod install shell command
  4. Open the VoxImplantSDKDemo.xcworkspace file

You can make and receive calls using your device’s data connection to/from any other endpoint that works with VoxImplant: other mobile app built using VoxImplant Mobile SDK, web application built using the Web SDK, SIP phones and phone numbers all over the world.

Using CocoaPods

  1. Install the CocoaPods (see
  2. Open a terminal window, and $ cd into your project directory
  3. Create a Podfile. This can be done by running $ touch Podfile
  4. Open your Podfile. The first line should specify the platform and version supported.platform :ios, '8.0'
  5. Add a line pod 'VoxImplantSDK'
  6. Save your Podfile.
  7. Run $ pod install
  8. Open the *.xcworkspace that was created. This should be the file you use everyday to create your app.