Interface CallSettings



Optional H264first

H264first: boolean

Use H264 video codec, if exist

Optional customData

customData: string

Custom string associated with the call session. It can be later obtained from Call History using HTTP API

Optional extraHeaders

extraHeaders: object

Optional custom parameters (SIP headers) that should be passed with call (INVITE) message. Parameter names must start with "X-" to be processed by application. IMPORTANT: Headers size limit is 200 bytes.

Type declaration

  • [id: string]: string

Optional extraParams

extraParams: object


Type declaration

  • [id: string]: string


number: string

The number to call

Optional video

video: boolean

Tells if video should be supported for the call

Optional wiredLocal

wiredLocal: boolean

Auto wire local streams to participants if false - create empty localStream from audio api to generate sdp

Optional wiredRemote

wiredRemote: boolean

Auto wire remote streams to DOM elements