VoxImplant Configuration


  • connectivityCheck

    : Boolean

    If set to false no UDP connection check to be done while the connection (WebRTC only)

  • imAutoReconnect

    : Boolean

    Reconnect in case if connection to Instant Messaging subsystem was closed

  • imReconnectInterval

    : Number

    Time interval (in milliseconds) after which SDK tries to re-establish connection with IM subsystem (if imAutoReconnect set to true)

  • imXSSprotection

    : Boolean

    XSS protection for inbound instant messages that can contain HTML content

  • micRequired

    : Boolean

    If set to true microphone access dialog will be shown and all functions will become available only after user allowed access.

  • progressTone

    : Boolean

    Automatically plays progress tone by means of SDK according to specified progressToneCountry.

  • progressToneCountry

    : String

    Country code for progress tone generated automatically if progressTone set to true.

  • showDebugInfo

    : Boolean

    Show debug info in console.

  • showFlashSettings

    : Boolean

    Show Flash Settings panel instead of standard Allow/Deny dialog (in Flash mode)

  • showWarnings

    : Boolean

    Show warnings for developers

  • swfContainer

    : Boolean

    Id of HTMLElement that will be used as container for Flash component of SDK (Mic/cam access dialog will appear in the container). If micRequired set to true element should have size not less than 215x138 (px) for access dialog to be shown.

  • useFlashOnly

    : Boolean

    Force VoxImplant to use Flash (WebRTC is used if available by default).

  • useRTCOnly

    : Boolean

    Force VoxImplant to use WebRTC (WebRTC is used if available by default). Error will be thrown if WebRTC in unavailable.

  • videoConstraints

    : VoxImplant.VideoSettings

    Default constraints that will be applied while the next attachRecordingDevice function call or if micRequired set to true

  • videoContainerId

    : String

    Id of HTMLElement that will be used as a default container for remote video elements. Remote videos are appended to the body element by default.

  • videoSupport

    : Boolean

    Video support.