Class VoxImplantClient.VoxImplantClientConfig

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.zingaya.voximplant.VoxImplantClient.VoxImplantClientConfig
  • Enclosing class:

    Use ClientConfig instead

    @Deprecated public static class VoxImplantClient.VoxImplantClientConfig extends java.lang.Object
    • Field Detail

      • enableVideo

        @Deprecated public boolean enableVideo
        Deprecated. Use ClientConfig.enableVideo instead
        Enable video functionality. Set to true by default.
      • enableHWAcceleration

        @Deprecated public boolean enableHWAcceleration
        Deprecated. Use ClientConfig.enableHWAcceleration instead
        Enable hardware video acceleration. Set to true by default. Should be set to false, if provideLocalFramesInByteBuffers is set to true
      • provideLocalFramesInByteBuffers

        @Deprecated public boolean provideLocalFramesInByteBuffers
        Request video frames from camera in I420 format with byte buffers. Set to false by default.
        Should be used only in case of custom implementation of video renderer (VideoRenderer.Callbacks class).
        If set to true, VideoRenderer.Callbacks.renderFrame() will always provide the frames from camera in I420 format with byte buffers, and enableHWAcceleration should be set to false.
        If set to false, video frames from camera will be provided in I420 format with textures.
      • enableDebugLogging

        @Deprecated public boolean enableDebugLogging
        Deprecated. Use ClientConfig.enableDebugLogging instead
        Enable debug logging. Set to false by default.