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Interface ICameraEventsListener

  • public interface ICameraEventsListener
    Camera events listener to be notified about camera events
    • Method Detail

      • onCameraError

        void onCameraError(java.lang.String errorDescription)
        Invoked when camera can not be opened or any camera exception happens
        errorDescription - Description of error occurred
      • onCameraDisconnected

        void onCameraDisconnected()
        Invoked when camera is disconnected
      • onCameraSwitchDone

        void onCameraSwitchDone(boolean isFrontCamera)
        Invoked when camera switch was successful
        isFrontCamera - True if new camera is front facing camera
      • onCameraSwitchError

        void onCameraSwitchError(java.lang.String errorDescription)
        Invoked when camera switch is failed, e.g. camera is stopped or only one camera is available
        errorDescription - Description of error occurred