VoxImplant Android SDK changelog


  • API changes: add the ability to indicate server name for connection. VoxImplantClient.connect(boolean) is changed to VoxImplantClient.connect(boolean, String)


  • Add the ability for custom video renderer implementation
  • Fix for changing speakerphone mode issues on some android devices
  • Fix for crash on cyclic attempts to reconnect when internet is turned off on android device
  • Improve echo cancellation on Xiaomi Mi Note
  • onCallDisconnected event is received if internet connection is lost during active call
  • API changes: VoxImplantClient.enableDebugLogging() method is removed. Use VoxImplantClientConfig to enable debug logging instead
  • API changes: VoxImplantClient.setAndroidConext(Conatext, boolean, boolean) is changed to VoxImplantClient.setAndroidContext(Context, VoxImplantClientConfig). All configurations for VoxImplantClient can now be set via VoxImplantClientConfig


  • Multiple devices can now login through access tokens with a same Voximplant user name
  • Audio quality improvements
  • Fix for some renegotiation issues with Firefox
  • Reduce dependencies size
  • Emulator support