Making calls between users

If you need simple web-to-web calls between VoxImplant users within a single application, you can use the VoxImplant.forwardCallToUser function. In this case your scenario will be very simple:


That's it.

So, if a user logs into the application, and calls alice using, for example, the Web SDK,


"alice" will receive the incoming call if they'ar logged into the same application.

If you want to be notified when the call has been successfully established, you can add one more parameter to forwardCallToUser:

  1. VoxEngine.forwardCallToUser(function(call1, call2){
  2. //Put your code here
  3. });

This function will be called after connection has been successfully established and will accept both calls (incoming and outgoing) as parameters.

If you would like to handle failures as well, please read the article Advanced call processing.