There are two ways to debug your VoxEngine scenarios:

  1. Analyze session logs

  2. Debug scenario using VoxImplant Debugger in Control Panel

Session logs

Each session has its own log file that can be accessed from the Control Panel (Calls section). CallHistory Logs

Some messages are written automatically, but you can add your own by calling

Logger.write("My message");

VoxImplant Debugger

You can access the debugger by clicking Debug in the Control Panel's top menu. On the debugger start page you need to choose application, application rule and specify debugging criteria: it's possible to debug particular session that was initiated from specific IP-address or call from specific phone number/URI or just debug any call that launched the scenario according the chosen application rule. Debugger Start

The debugger will be launched after ‘Start debug’ button click, you can see its interface on the image below: Debugger UI

You can learn more in our Debugging VoxEngine scenarios tutorial