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Yep! Leverages VoxImplant Platform and Mobile SDK and Makes Finding New Friends Easier

Apr 9, 2014

Social media brings people together. Yep! leverages the connection people create with each other using technology and social media from behind the screen and together into the world. As a social connection app, Yep! focuses specifically on platonic relationships. Making new friends can be difficult, and Yep! makes it easier by bringing together people around activities. Users choose an activity and make a request. Yep! finds other users nearby who would be interested in that activity. If both users agree to the activity with each other, texting and in-app calling features activate, allowing users to communicate and potentially to begin planning a meet-up.

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Yep!'s primary purpose is as a friendship-making and meeting-facilitating app. As such, users needed the app to provide functional means of communication with each other. While the app provides an in-app text-messaging function, Yep! wanted to also include voice capabilities. Text communication may facilitate initial interactions, but arranging meetings and planning can be eased through short voice dialogues instead of extended text conversations.

Of course, Yep! users could choose to exchange phone numbers -- as the app is designed primarily for use in smart phones -- but the developers at Yep! wanted an in-app solution that would allow users to engage in voice conversations while retaining a level of privacy. This call feature would be designed to let users engage in voice conversations without forcing users to reveal any more personal information. As a feature, it needed to provide a high-quality voice experience to be a viable solution to this problem. Anonymous voice and video capabilities allows people to make decisions more quickly and establish a greater sense of trust before meeting in the first place.

Finally, developers at Yep! wanted an easy-to-implement solution. They were dealing with high-level APIs and preferred a solution that would already have resolved complex low-level issues. The solution would not only need to install desired features but would also need to meet developer needs with respect to ease-of-use and implementation.


Developers at Yep! chose the VoxImplant platform and Mobile SDK to provide voice and video support. They used the Mobile SDK and HTTP API to build integration. VoxImplant fulfills all the functionalities the app required using wi-fi and 3G data capabilities to deliver high-quality voice and video. The VoxImplant Mobile SDK allows users to make calls via data channels to facilitate fast and easy meeting arrangements and location details.

“VoxImplant uses all-new, exciting, cutting-edge technologies like WebRTC, the VoxImplant platform and mobile SDK offered all the required functionality and ease of use we were looking for. The voice quality is great, even when using 3G data connections.”

Roman Sidorenko
CEO of Yep!

The VoxImplant Mobile SDK not only installs voice and video capabilities within an app, it also provides a cloud communications platform upon which the capabilities can run. VoxImplant provides both infrastructure and scalability so that Yep! developers did not need to wrangle with the complexities of setting up a cloud infrastructure for voice and video. They can also increase or decrease their infrastructure as their app grows organically. VoxImplant runs updates and maintenance on the cloud infrastructure so that Yep! could focus on the specifics of developing their app-specific features and trust in VoxImplant's voice and video capabilities.

Moreover, since all of the features exist within the app, users do not need to reveal any more information than they are comfortable when accessing voice and video capabilities. Combining these functions with a measure of privacy in meeting apps facilitates their function. As such, apps like Yep! who use voice and video capabilities gives users more ways to communicate and, therefore, more ways to connect with potential friends, aligning the app's features more closely with its intended goals.

Yep! application screens

First, you are looking for somebody who is interested to join you for, let's say, a cup of coffee.

Then you can make a call to discuss the details - it's that simple!

Now you are ready to meet. We are looking forward to work with Yep!'s team on the Android version of the app soon.