Phone number masking

Safe communications

For Wheely, ensuring passenger comfort and safety are essential company values. All calls between passengers and drivers goes through Voximplant. Voximplant’s capabilities allow Wheely to protect passenger privacy by hiding real phone numbers through “phone number masking” while also empowering Wheely with rapid call response times.

About Wheely

Wheely is an international private driver service that operates in London, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Sochi, and Perm.

Prior to Voximplant, we tried a number of other solutions, but only Voximplant’s platform has met our requirements for functionality, stability, and price.

In only a few weeks working with Voximplant, our development team was able to implement all needed services and set everything into production. The platform makes us confident that we can scale our service in existing and new markets. Voximplant takes care of all of the telephony and scalability complexities involved on our behalf.

CEO Wheely
Anton Chirkunov

Voximplant in action

Number dial...
A client calls a virtual phone number
The call lands onto the platform
The platform requests a driver number from the service
The platfrom calls the driver
The platform connects the client and the driver
The call is recorded


Personal data protection for thousands of clients

Full control over communications

A new level of stability and efficiency