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Voximplant mobile SDK for Unity in now available

Voximplant Unity SDK
We are happy to announce our new mobile SDK for Unity platform. Now Unity developers can use the SDK to embed real-time voice and video communication into VR/AR apps and games in minutes, we will take care of complexity and infrastructure. The SDK is compatible with Google Daydream. Please visit https://unity.voximplant.com/ to learn more.

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  • Ina Yosun Chang

    does this live stream the game play or just stuff from the device camera?

    • Alexey Aylarov

      For now the stream can be sent from device camera or from Voximplant Web SDK (so it can be camera of your laptop), in the near future we will add screensharing and you will be able to stream gameplay

      • Ina Yosun Chang

        I feel like this tool isn’t very useful in VR unless live gameplay streaming is supported. The blog photo with User 1 in VR mode is rather misleading – the front facing camera doesn’t work when you put your phone in a HMD holder. User 2 would probably be more interested in the VR scene that User 1 is seeing.