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Step-by-step call center tutorial part 7

Operator status and temporary ban

While Voximplant ACD framework provides only essential call center backbone, it also has some out-of-the-box features for most popular use cases. One of such features is “Operator Status” that can be set to “Ready” if operator is available to handle a call, or any one of non-“Ready” if calls should not be forwarded to that operator.

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Step-by-step call center tutorial part 6

IVR and operator skills

In a simple scenario all incoming user calls are evenly distributed among all available operators. But as a number of users grows, it became more convenient to direct specific requests to specific operators who can handle them better. This raises a number of questions: how to figure out user question and how to define which operator can answer that questions.

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High quality Speech Recognition is now available

RecognitionHi everyone! We’ve been busy working on new cool features for you, many developers asked us about high quality speech recognition for both audio call records transcription and real-time recognition scenarios. We are happy to announce that this functionality is now available for all our developers.


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