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Step-by-step call center tutorial part 5

Waiting in a queue

Having a full control over an incoming and outgoing calls allows to implement any business needs. By default, a user will hear nothing while waiting in the queue, since we have not instructed VoxEngine to produce any audio. Good practice is to inform the user about his or her queue position and play some music to indicate the call in progress.

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Step-by-step call center tutorial part 4

Handling a call disconnect

Since our cloud has separate “incoming” and “outgoing” call logs, we have full control over call disconnects. If a calling user or an operator disconnects, you can make decisions what to do next: play a notification message, call back, disconnect the remaining participants and so on. If the incoming or outgoing call is disconnected, the corresponding call object receives Disconnected event. Please note that an outgoing call can fail to connect (ex user not answered), in such case Failed event will be received instead of Disconnected.

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