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Diff in VoxEngine scenarios editor

Many voximplant developers use our online VoxEngine scenarios editor. It simplifies the development process since it has autocomplete and other useful functions, but there was a problem some our developers reported about – it’s hard to check the changes in the scenario before you save it, so the wrong version of the scenario can be saved accidentally. We have embedded the Diff utility that shows the difference between a scenario version which is now stored in the voximplant’s cloud and the one with the recent changes that will be saved. Developers can find the Diff button and Enforce Diff checkbox near the Save button now.
If the Enforce Diff checkbox is active then Diff util will be launched before scenario can be saved.
Diff Util

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Promise support has arrived to VoxEngine

JS PromiseNow developers can use Promise in their VoxEngine scenarios and we also added Net.httpRequestAsync and Net.sendMailAsync functions that return Promise object in addition to standard ones that used callbacks. We will be working on additional ES6/ES7 functionality in the future to help VoxImplant developers build apps and services even faster.


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